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IRCTC Login Tatkal – Quite a Useful Option during Emergency


Passengers traveling in Indian Railways are always advised to book their tickets well in advance so that they have a comfortable and tension-free journey. But when one has to travel without any prior planning or when an emergency comes up, there is no option of booking tickets earlier. In such a situation he or she can book a ticket under the Tatkal quota. Tatkal booking enables one to book a ticket one day prior to the date of departure of the train. IRCTC login Tatkal provides the facility to book a Tatkal ticket online on the website of IRCTC.

IRCTC is a subsidiary of Indian Railways and deals with catering, online booking and tourism. If you are new to the website, you have to register on the website by filling in a registration form. This will provide you a user ID and password, using which you can book your tickets on the website.

IRCTC login Tatkal booking is possible from 10 am on the day prior to the journey until the final charts are prepared, which is about 4 hours prior to the departure of the train. When you book tickets online, every second matters because a lot of people are booking train tickets from various parts of the country at the same time. You should be really fast enough to enter your details and book your ticket. By keeping all details ready beforehand, you can easily fill out the form without any delay, which increases your chances of getting the reserved ticket.

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