IRCTC Login Tatkal

Book Tickets at Short Notice with IRCTC Login Tatkal

Indian Railways is one of the most preferred modes of travel within the country of India. Comfortable and quick and providing excellent connectivity to not only major cities but also smaller towns as well, trains are one of the most cost-effective ways of getting from one destination to another.  To make bookings and reservations easier, Indian railways launched its official IRCTC website, which has been a thumping success.

Its interface is user friendly and it provides all the information required to make a ticket booking. You can easily check the train schedule and plan your journey. However, you have to register as a user to make a booking online. For those who need to book tickets at last minute, the IRCTC Login Tatkal is most useful. In the Tatkal system, a proportion of the total number of seats is reserved for those who require making last minute bookings and Tatkal bookings open only 3 days prior to the scheduled train departure.

 In order to book a Tatkal ticket online, one has to use the username and password for IRCTC Login Tatkal and under the ‘Plan My Travel’ tab, select ‘Tatkal’ in the Quota drop-down box.  After that all you need to do is follow the prompts and make the reservation. While making the online reservation under Tatkal quota, it is mandatory to register the number of any one of your ID proof for example, Pan Card number, driver’s license number, passport number, Aadhar card number, Voter Id card number and the like. Once the booking and payment is complete, you will receive the ticket within a few minutes at the email address registered under your username.

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